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The database for our time

XTDB is a bitemporal and dynamic relational database for SQL and Datalog

Using XTDB

Use SQL and Datalog to time-travel and analyze relationships across your entire history of records.

;; using query param validTime="1927-09-05T10:13:30Z" ...
{:find [?relative]
 :where [[?person :first-name "John"]
         [?person :last-name ?last-name]
         [?relative :last-name ?last-name]}

These amazing companies trust XTDB:

Oskar Boëthius Lissheim

“Choosing XTDB accelerated our roadmap and allows us to develop with confidence”

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Success Stories

Risk Systems


Risk Systems benefit directly from bitemporal modeling. Valid Time can be used to correlate out-of-order trade data whilst making compliance easy.


Technology Integrations

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