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The Strength of the Record

How humanity chronicles its knowledge

Command Line XTDB

Run an XTDB node and query it over HTTP with curl. A 10-minute guide.

Development Diary #5

Speculative transactions, SQL support, full-text search, a JSON API, and many community contributions

Transactional Extensibility

Serialise updates, enforce integrity constraints and answer 'What if?' queries


Query your Datalog database with SQL

Getting started with the XTDB builder

Generate custom deployment artifacts with ease

Development Diary #4

The Document Store, monitoring metrics, custom transaction functions, collections in queries, HTTP server security, full GUI console

The XTDB 'Document Store'

Making it possible to store your documents in S3 + more

Monitoring stability and performance with metrics

Visibility into your XTDB nodes

Development Diary #3

Docker images, full-timeline `evict` operations, intuitive put/delete semantics, and more contributions from the community

XTDB (née Crux) featured in Technology Radar Vol.21

Development Diary #2

Community, talks and training workshops, our formal beta program

Introducing JDBC Support for XTDB

Alternative to Kafka

XTDB on Confluent Cloud

Create an unbundled database with XTDB and Confluent Cloud Kafka in 5 minutes

Development Diary #1

First users, time-traveling Datalog, benchmarks, and Kafka vs. JDBC